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Porto Heli

Porto Heli’s exquisite harbour is well protected from the wind and much favoured by yachtsmen. Across the way are the ruins of the ancient city of Alieon. Whether you have arrived by sea or by land, you can explore the streets of Porto Heli which are lined with shops, restaurants and hotels. Porto Heli is one of Greece’s most famous and luxurious holiday destinations

Agios Emilianos

Agios Emilianos is situated a few kilometres south of Porto Heli, on the southernmost cape in Argolida. Agios Emilianos takes its name from a chapel with a breathtaking view of Spetses. The lush surroundings encapsulate both the summer houses of famous Greeks and foreigners and secluded beaches where you can enjoy the clear warm waters.


On its peninsula, Ermioni resembles a piney island. In Ermioni you will find villas hidden amongst the majestic Peloponnese landscape. One of the main attractions of Ermioni are its well-known tavernas, serving delicious fresh fish, followed by dancing.


Discover the unexpected charm of this small town with its neoclassical buildings, narrow streets, stone walls full of flowers and well-tended windmills topped with colorful roofs. Kranidi perches on rocky hills encircled by the pine forest of Agia Anna overlooking the whole area, softening the wild landscape of the Peloponnese.


The village of Kilada is located about ten kilometres northwest of Porto Heli. Kilada is famous for its prawns and its handsome shipyard. The fishing boats that can be found bobbing in the harbour are a characteristic sight, but you have come for the prawns.

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